Environmental Engineer
Working Place: Wuhu   Recruiting Numbers: 5 persons   Release Time: 2021-10-25

Job responsibilities

1. Project design and engineering management of waste incineration, solid (hazardous) waste, sludge and sewage treatment;

2. Formulation and implementation of project drawing engineering plan, technical negotiation and summary of technical data, organization of engineering design review, design liaison, etc;

3. Information collection, investigation and scientific and technological innovation related to domestic and foreign technological trends and product development.

Job requirements

1. Full time bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical, thermal, environmental engineering, CET-4 or CET-6 is preferred;

2. Meticulous work, good negotiation, interpersonal communication skills, teamwork ability, strong academic ability and absolute execution;

3. Be practical, honest and trustworthy, have a strong sense of responsibility and work actively;

4. Adapt to long-term business trip.

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