Mechanical Engineer
Working Place: Wuhu   Recruiting Numbers: 10 persons   Release Time: 2021-01-22

Job responsibilities

1. Be responsible for the equipment procurement of the company's engineering projects, prepare procurement plans and supply plans and submit them for approval;

2. Be responsible for reviewing ordering data, organizing equipment bidding and negotiation, preparing, signing and submitting procurement contracts for approval and contract execution;

3. Be responsible for the quality and progress control of purchased equipment, delivery management, unpacking acceptance management, inventory management, manufacturer's installation and commissioning service personnel dispatching arrangement;

4. Be responsible for preparing the monthly equipment payment fund plan, and timely completing the complete set summary of the project after the project is put into operation;

5. Responsible for purchasing spare parts and tools.

Job requirements

1. Full time bachelor degree or above, major in mechanical, electrical, thermal, environmental engineering, CET-4 or CET-6 is preferred;

2. Meticulous work, good negotiation, interpersonal communication skills, teamwork ability, strong academic ability and absolute execution;

3. Be practical, honest and trustworthy, have a strong sense of responsibility and work actively;

4. Adapt to long-term business trip.

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