Introduction of Cement Equipment

Since Conch Kawasaki was established, Conch Kawasaki together with Anhui Conch Design & Research Institute, has completed the engineering design for about one hundred cement production lines with a capacity of 5,000 t/d and above for each, reached a design clinker production capacity of 144 million tons and a cement production capacity of 185 million tons. The engineering designs for large-scale clinker production plants with a capacity of over 10 million tons such as Chizhou Conch and Tongling Conch, as well as for a 12000 t/d clinker production line of Yangchun Conch is involved. Adhering to the first-class environmental protection design concept, Conch Kawasaki has formed a simple, smooth, beautiful, and efficient design style with a coordinated environment. In the international market, we have successively undertaken dozens of overseas projects, such as EP for TUPI 3200 t/d clinker production line in Brazil, EPC for SB1 5000 t/d clinker production line in Indonesia, and EPC for KCL 5000 t/d clinker production line in Laos.

Conch Kawasaki can provide raw mill, cement mill, coal mill, cement pipe mill, roller press, preheater, kiln, and other cement equipment and spare parts for different capacity of clinker production lines.