The first board meeting of Conch Kawasaki Company in 2024 was successfully held

Read : 340  |  Release Time : 2024-03-29

On March 26, 2024, the first board meeting of Haichuan Engineering, Haichuan Energy Conservation, and Shanghai Haichuan was held in Room 325 of the Conch International Conference Center. This board meeting is chaired by Chairman Li Daming, and attended by directors, supervisors, and relevant personnel from both parties, as well as the company's management.

Board of Directors of Conch Kawasaki Company

At the meeting, the general managers of the three companies presented their respective work reports. The meeting reviewed and approved proposals such as the 2024 Comprehensive Production and Operation Plan, the 2024 Financial Budget Plan, the 2023 Final Account and Profit Distribution Plan, and the 2024 Bank Credit Resolution.

The attending directors put forward suggestions based on the company's industrial development, domestic and foreign market expansion, new technology and product development, and fund clearance work, and requested that each company conscientiously implement the spirit of the board of directors, closely focus on the annual business plan and the new round of development plan, refine and decompose target tasks, conscientiously fulfill responsibilities, lead employees to strengthen confidence, dare to innovate, and continue to achieve the vigorous development of the company.

Director Mr. Seiji Nishikawa provides suggestions for overseas market development and fund clearance work

Mr. Kenji Makita, Director, provided suggestions on the development of new technologies and product development for the joint venture company

Mr. Geng Yazhang, Vice Chairman and General Manager of the Joint Venture, provided work suggestions for the production and operation of the joint venture company

After listening to reports from three joint venture companies, Chairman Li Daming proposed work requirements for the operation and business development of the joint venture companies, and made arrangements for related work.

Chairman Li Daming gives instructions on the work of the joint venture company

1、 Seize the momentum and make every effort to expand overseas business market share. On the basis of completing the execution and implementation management of the two sets of grate furnace waste incineration power generation projects that have been obtained in the Thai market, we will carefully prepare for bidding and technical clarification and Q&A of multiple sets of waste power generation projects that are currently being negotiated with Gulf in Thailand. At the same time, we hope that the parent company KHI will actively share market resources and overseas market risk management experience, and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs in the company's overseas business.

2、 Fully leverage the company's technological advantages and accelerate the research and development of new products and technologies. The domestic market should continue to expand its efforts in collecting market information, identify new business positioning, continuously increase the development of small grate furnace power generation technology, steam export, robotics, hydrogen energy equipment and other technology and product design optimization, increase research and development innovation and technological transformation, and help the company achieve rapid transformation.

3、 Actively promote the technical improvement and research of the pilot equipment for lithium battery recycling, continue to conduct performance improvement tests on the lithium iron phosphate leaching system, achieve dual standards of leaching rate and purity as soon as possible, complete the trial production of the Wuhu CKB optimization and upgrading project, continuously summarize experience, and lay a foundation for subsequent project replication.

4、 Strengthen awareness of cash flow control, increase efforts to recover funds, and the three companies should develop targeted debt clearance measures for external outstanding customers, fully focus on accounts receivable clearance work, and prevent financial risks. The key is to track overdue debts and long-term aging debts, and if necessary, effectively utilize legal means to reduce the risk of bad debts in the company's funds.

Regarding the 2024 business plan and task objectives of the joint venture company, Chairman Li pointed out that in the new year, the tasks undertaken by the joint venture company will be even more arduous. The management teams of the three companies should closely focus on the new round of five-year planning goals, conscientiously implement various resolutions of the board of directors, firmly believe and unite, and make new contributions to the development of the company.