Appreciating the Spring Scenery with a Spring Breeze of Ten Miles, Enjoying the Splendor of Spring, and Enjoying the Fun of Spring outings--Record of Haichuan Project's Women's Day Outdoor Expansion Activities on March 8th

Read : 345  |  Release Time : 2024-03-09

With the footsteps of spring, we have once again welcomed the annual "March 8th" Women's Day. In order to have a beautiful holiday, enrich the leisure life of female employees, and relax their bodies and minds, Haichuan Engineering Company has held a spring outing outdoor expansion activity.

On the morning of March 8th, female workers arrived at the ancient town of Yongquan located at the foot of Ye Mountain in Tongling. Starting from the foot of the mountain, along the way, there were small bridges, flowing water, and the fragrance of birds and flowers. Everyone followed the stream and checked in at Yongquan, recalling the twelve landscapes in Jiangnan. The Jinggong Book Hall, where Wang Anshi lectures, the maple forest with towering ancient trees singing at night, the Seven Star Fortress with ancient famous residences, and the Wangjiang Pavilion, which offers a distant view of the Yangtze River. Step by step, the scenery is full of spring, and female employees stop to take photos, listen to the sounds of nature, and enjoy this moment of relaxation.

Through this outdoor expansion activity, female employees had a happy and meaningful holiday, experiencing the charm of nature and culture, enhancing friendship, and relaxing their mood. It is beneficial for us to devote ourselves to the next stage of work with a more full mental state, and contribute to the development of the company!