The 2024 Work Conference of Haichuan Engineering Company was grandly held

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Yutu bid farewell to the old year, Xianglong welcomes the new year. The year 2023 has come to an end, and a new year has quietly arrived. To comprehensively summarize the work for 2023, clarify the work ideas for 2024, and ensure the smooth completion of production and operation tasks in 2024. On January 30, 2024, the Haichuan Engineering/Shanghai Haichuan 2024 Work Conference and the 2023 Advanced Commendation Conference were grandly held in Room 428 of the Conch International Conference Center. A total of 90 members of the leadership teams, middle-level cadres, management backbone, and advanced representatives from the two companies attended the meeting.

Venue of Haichuan Engineering Company

Shanghai Haichuan Company Venue

The meeting was first conveyed by Li Chaohui, the executive vice general manager of the company, to the spirit of the 2024 work conference of Conch Entrepreneurship. The focus was on studying the 2023 work report of General Manager Ji Qinying of the group and the summary speech of Chairman Guo's meeting. The meeting also conveyed the specific work requirements of the Green Energy Branch of Conch Entrepreneurship for 2024.

Li Chaohui, Executive Vice General Manager, conveys the spirit of the meeting

Subsequently, the finance and business departments of the two companies respectively reported on the completion of the main indicators for 2023 and the work ideas and guarantee measures for 2024.

Report on the financial and business operations of the two companies separately

Vice General Manager Liu Gang's 2024 Work Report on Haichuan Engineering

Vice General Manager Wang Liming's 2024 Work Report on Shanghai Haichuan

Liu Gang, Deputy General Manager of Haichuan Engineering, and Wang Liming, Deputy General Manager of Shanghai Haichuan, respectively represented the company in their 2024 work reports. The report comprehensively summarizes the main work and shortcomings of 2023, and proposes management ideas and production and operation management measures for 2024. In 2024, the two companies:

We must have firm confidence, face difficulties, and strive to plan new businesses, industries, and markets with high-quality and efficient service quality. At the same time, we will leverage the advantages of the platform, strengthen communication and docking with Japan, universities, scientific research institutions, etc., do a good job in tracking and researching new technologies, new processes, and new products, and explore the direction of transformation, application, and industrialization promotion. Accelerate the expansion of external business, actively carry out various external business operations, increase production, income, and efficiency, seek a path of transformation and development, and help the sustainable development of the group company!

The video sharing meeting in the morning will end after the work reports of the two companies are completed. At 1:30 pm, the meeting resumed. Each department reported on the completion of work in 2023 from the aspects of engineering management, design management, procurement of complete equipment, quality control, personnel administration, etc., and combined with the requirements for year-end inspection and rectification, focused on reporting the work ideas for 2024 and the guarantee measures for achieving annual goals

Reports from various departments

Zhao Mihan, assistant general manager of Haichuan Engineering, read out the decision of advanced commendation, and the company leaders commended and awarded the advanced collectives and exemplary individual emerging in the work of 2023.

Zhao Mihan, Assistant General Manager, reads out the advanced commendation decision

Some representatives of exemplary individual made a speech. They first thanked Conch Venture for providing a platform for their own development and growth, and thanked leaders at all levels and colleagues of the company for their help and support in their work. They also said that today's honor is just a summary of past work. Tomorrow's glory still needs unremitting efforts, and they will continue to play the leading role of advanced models in the future to contribute their own strength to the development of Conch and the company.

Advanced commendation

Speech by advanced representatives

Li Chaohui, Executive Vice General Manager, proposed work requirements for the two companies based on the 2024 production and operation goals:

Firstly, we will conscientiously implement the spirit of the 2024 Conch Entrepreneurship Work Conference, in accordance with the requirements of the Green Energy Work Report and section work instructions, refine and decompose target indicators layer by layer, and make every effort to ensure the implementation and fulfillment of annual business tasks.

The second is to strengthen confidence and seize the opportunity to pursue. The foreign market should continue to carry forward its strong marketing spirit, conscientiously bid for industrial waste power generation projects such as GULF in Thailand, and bravely win overseas project orders; The domestic and foreign markets should not be afraid of difficulties, and take the development of small grate furnace power generation technology, steam export, VG transformation and other business markets as breakthroughs, increase market frequency, and actively expand order increments.

Thirdly, taking the new engineering business model of overseas waste power generation projects as a benchmark, we will conscientiously carry out the design, procurement, and construction processes, gradually improve the overseas standardized engineering organization and guarantee system, and actively build a high, precise, and cutting-edge overseas engineering team.

The fourth is to strengthen the safety control of the construction process, maintain a high-pressure situation in safety management, carefully investigate safety hazards and safety supervision of construction related parties, and prevent safety accidents from occurring.

The fifth is to increase the clearance of outstanding funds, ensure timely collection of bid and performance bonds, implement zero overdue accounts for projects, and reduce financial risks. At the same time, we must establish a spirit of living a tight life, increase cost and management expense control, actively strive for municipal preferential policies, and improve the company's operating income.

General Manager Genben Yazhang gave a meeting summary

At the end of the meeting, General Manager Genben Yazhang made a summary:

Today, the two companies carefully reviewed various tasks for 2023, deeply analyzed the shortcomings in their work, and proposed work ideas and plans for 2024. The summary of each task was quite profound.

Looking back on the work in 2023, it is worth summarizing that just after the COVID-19 ended, we quickly dispatched business teams in batches to expand overseas market expansion. It is gratifying that we can finally turn around the situation where overseas orders were not ideal. In 2023, under the increasingly severe situation of domestic and international markets, politics and economy, foreign waste power generation projects have made a major breakthrough! The domestic market for new businesses and technologies has also made significant progress. Congratulations and thanks to all employees for their achievements in 2023!

Based on the valuable experience we have gained in 2023, I will elaborate on the business policies of the two companies for 2024. I hope that in the future, everyone can pay attention to them when carrying out their work.

1、 To fully leverage technological advantages, accelerate industrial promotion and new technology research and development. In 2023, the company's first set of stepped parallel flow furnaces officially began operation, and with the strong support of KHI, the overall operation is good; At the same time, new products such as glass kiln waste heat power generation technology, small incinerator technology, water-cooled grate for dealing with overseas high calorific value waste, chlorine bypass equipment, and peripheral equipment such as drying conveyor have been developed. In the new year, we must continue to develop new technologies, base ourselves on market demand, strive to leverage our technological advantages, and expand our product lineup;

2、 Make every effort to expand business orders in external markets. In the new year, we need to leverage our technological advantages and strive for external projects. In the current market environment, the overall market for existing products is constantly shrinking, and we must always maintain a sense of crisis. The current situation is extremely severe, and we need to make more efforts than before to fully explore external market orders;

3、 Strengthen communication, enhance new technology exchange and cooperation. In the new year, we will actively strengthen technical exchanges and cooperation with Conch Entrepreneurship, Conch Group, and KHI. Grasp the needs of Conch entrepreneurship and Conch Group technology development, flexibly utilize KHI's existing and new technology development capabilities, and strive to explore new businesses; At the same time, it is necessary to closely communicate, strengthen cooperation between departments and specialties, and work together to complete the project.

4、 Thoroughly deploy and overall ensure the safety of the project. While the construction work of engineering projects is steadily advancing, it has also exposed the company's negligence and inadequate safety management of relevant parties during the project execution process, ringing the alarm for the company's safety management. All departments of the company must, based on a good summary of safety management work in 2023, conduct in-depth discussions and layer by layer analysis to ensure that all ongoing engineering projects of the company will sound the alarm for a long time in 2024 and successfully complete the company's various safety management goals;

5、 Coordinate and improve risk management capabilities. In the future, with the expansion and increase of overseas projects, it is necessary to pay attention to the necessity of reviewing contracts. Starting from the business activity stage before winning the bid, it is necessary to clearly grasp the content of contract terms and fully understand the laws, regulations, and habits of the client's country and region. At the same time, the project terms recorded in the contract of external projects should be described in ambiguous language as much as possible to avoid unnecessary risks;

6、 Strengthen enterprise management from multiple perspectives and create maximum profits. The continuous operation of the company requires operational costs, which is also a huge challenge for us to achieve our annual profit target. In order to achieve our goals, we need to constantly consider how to increase profit margins and reduce operating costs in our daily business activities, to ensure the smooth completion of the company's production and operation goals for 2024.

Finally, the General Manager expresses condolences to the employees who are still struggling on the project front line during the holiday period, extends New Year's greetings to the cadres, employees, and their families, and sincerely hopes that 2024 will be a beautiful year for everyone. He wishes all employees and their families good health, safety, and success in the new year