ACK, CKE and SCKE Successfully Passed the External Audit of ISO Management System

Read : 930  |  Release Time : 2021-07-13

To ensure the effectiveness of the operation of the company's ISO quality, environment, occupational health and safety systems and obtain new valid certificates before the expiration of the ISO system certificates of the three companies, ACK, CKM and SCKE carried out the third-party certification audit of ISO management system from July 5th to 10th. This external audit not only re-certifies the suitability and compliance of the companies’ three systems, but also reviews the newly added ISO’s scope of WtE and solid waste and hazardous waste treatment applied by SCKE. It ensures the effective operation of each company's management system and further strengthens the competitiveness of the companies, especially in the overseas market.

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At 9:30 am on July 5th, the auditors of the audit expert group organized the opening meeting which more than 50 people from the Senior Management Department and various departments of the three companies attended. During the meeting, Mr. Xia Chenfeng, the audit team leader introduced the audit team members, audit purpose, audit basis, audit scope, and audit arrangements and put forward the audit requirements.

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According to the business scope and characteristics of the three companies and in combination with the arrangement of the audit plan, the audit team went to the site of Ningguo SHWT Project in the rain to check the construction management and project data and connected the video to the site of Myanmar STC WHR Project to learn more about the risk prevention and control related to project safety operation in detail. At the same time, the audit team systematically sorted out and checked the design and manufacturing process of four categories of equipment, including the boiler and pressure vessel, waste incineration, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment and vertical mill, as well as the relevant materials. They also communicated with the auditees on the inspection opinions and suggestions fully and reviewed and evaluated the quality, environmental and occupational health and safety management systems of the three joint ventures systematically.

The closing meeting was held on July 10th. During the meeting, the experts of the audit team fully affirmed and highly evaluated the system operation of the three companies in combination with the six-day inspection, and put forward reasonable suggestions on the complete project management, design subcontractor management, occupational health and safety management of overseas projects and risk control.

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Mrs. Li Zhaohui, the management representative of ACK, thanked the external audit team for their hard work, suggestions and experience sharing these days, and stressed that the training of the employees' professional skills and comprehensive quality will be continuously strengthened to further improve the project management level in the follow-up development of ACK. All employees are required to strengthen the awareness of ISO management system, scientifically combine the essence of ISO system with work practice, and continuously improve the overall competitiveness of the company.

At the end of the meeting, the audit team announced that the three companies had successfully passed the re-certification of GB/T19001-2016 Quality Management Systems Certificate, GB/T24001-2016 Environmental Management Systems Certificate, GB/T45001-2020 Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems Certificate.