Haichuan Engineering launches "Safety Production Month" in 2024 Mobilization Conference for "June 5th Environment Day"

Read : 49  |  Release Time : 2024-06-05

June 2024 is the 23rd National Safety Production Month and the 53rd World Environment Day.   Haichuan Engineering organized a mobilization meeting for the "Safety Production Month" and "June 5th Environmental Day" in 2024 on May 29th. Liu Gang, Deputy Director of the EHS Management Committee of Haichuan Engineering, and representatives of major departments and employees attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Deputy Director Liu Gang led the attendees to study and interpret the Notice of the EHS Management Committee of China Conch Holdings Co., Ltd. on Carrying out the Company's 2024 "Safety Production Month" and "Sixth Five Year Environment Day" Activities. General Assistant Zhao Mihan led the study and understanding of the spirit of the Notice of the State Council's Safety Committee Office and the Ministry of Emergency Management on Carrying out the 2024 National "Safety Production Month" Activities (Safety Committee Office [2024] No. 3) and the Notice of the Ministry of Ecology and Environment on Doing a Good Job in the Promotion of the 2024 Sixth Five Year Environment Day (Environmental Office Propaganda Letter [2024] No. 147).

Vice Minister Hu Jiwei led the audience to watch warning education videos such as "Safety Production Responsibility on Shoulders", "Everyone Speaks Safety and Everyone Will Be Emergency - Smooth Life Channels", and "Warning Education Video for Major Production Safety Accidents", creating a strong atmosphere of "Safety Production Month and June 5th Environmental Day".

Under the leadership of Li Chaohui, the director of the management committee, all members of the company solemnly signed their names on the banner of the promotion theme "Everyone talks about safety, everyone knows emergency - unobstructed life passage", to defend the safety production defense line with practical actions.