Consolidate "new" cohesion, inspire people, and work hard towards the future --Training for New Employees of Haichuan Engineering in 2023

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To help new employees further improve their quality and abilities, help them quickly adapt to the company's work environment, enhance their recognition and sense of belonging to the company, and quickly enable new employees to change their thinking, position themselves, and integrate into the work atmosphere. On July 10, 2023, the onboarding training for new employees of Haichuan Engineering in 2023 officially kicked off, with leaders from the company's management department and major department heads attending the meeting.

Pre job training opening ceremony

At 8:40 am, the pre job training session will begin. The new employees introduced themselves separately, showcasing their personalities, preferences, strengths, as well as their outlook on life and values. The students were excited and enthusiastic, expressing their full expectations for joining Haichuang Group and Haichuan Company, and expressing their willingness to transform their identity from a student to a professional with a full attitude and a spirit of progress.


At the meeting, the main heads of relevant departments attended and shared their work experience and methods with the participants. They also proposed training suggestions for improving the skills of new employees.

Department head proposes training suggestions

The attending leaders, Kamazawa and Ren, Vice General Manager, and Zhao Mihan, Assistant General Manager, respectively put forward requirements for new employee training from their respective work responsibilities. They hope that everyone can set aside their mindset and sink in at a new starting point in life, accumulate professional knowledge and skills through future work and learning opportunities, learn advanced, catch up with advanced, surpass advanced, learn basic knowledge well, break through existing frameworks, surpass themselves, and create new heights in life. In the environmental protection and new energy industries, contribute to a better life for humanity and a harmonious society.

Speech by the responsible leader

Li Chaohui, Executive Vice General Manager, raised requirements and expectations

Li Chaohui, Executive Vice General Manager, has raised earnest expectations for new employees from three aspects:

One is to change mindset, integrate as soon as possible, and complete the rapid transformation from campus to society, as well as the two stages of learning and work. After entering the workforce, one should be able to overcome difficulties and grievances in both work and life on their own, adjust their mindset and state of mind, and hope that everyone will not easily give up on their original aspirations and goals.

The second is to quickly adapt to enterprise rules and regulations. This year's new employees not only include college students who have just left campus, but also teachers who have worked in other companies before. We hope that everyone can learn and adapt to the new rules and regulations as soon as possible when coming to the Haichuan Engineering family. We must have a sense of responsibility in our work, and the survival and development of each enterprise are closely related to ourselves. Personal and corporate responsibilities require daily supervision and self inspection, and only by working diligently, By serving with dedication, companies can provide better benefits and development to individuals.

The third is to adhere to self-discipline and unity and cooperation. Everyone has a study plan arranged by the teacher in school, but many things in work need to be completed on time and according to quantity through self-consciousness and self-discipline, especially the work schedule managed by the owner company and supervision company on the construction project site, which requires strict self requirements. New employees must actively ask questions when facing areas they do not understand, summarize and improve themselves through learning and work.

I hope that during the 3-6 month transition period, everyone will always maintain a learning atmosphere, a spirit of unity and cooperation, constantly adjust themselves and integrate into the company, and grow rapidly. I also wish you progress in your work!

General Manager Gen Yazhang gave a summary speech at the opening ceremony

General Manager Genya Zhang made a summary at the opening ceremony, and he first welcomed everyone's participation. He said, "We are a Sino Japanese joint venture company. The success of the cooperation between Haichuang Group and Kawasaki Heavy Industries, the two parent companies, comes from the mutual trust and support between the two companies. Our cooperation business ranges from waste heat power generation to the environmental protection industry, from the initial waste heat power generation and the first domestic waste CKK treatment system, gradually forming a series of new technologies such as VG, stepped parallel flow boilers, waste incineration power generation, solid and hazardous waste treatment, lithium batteries, and energy-saving products The company is also constantly developing and growing with new products.

Today, the younger generation of you join the company and become fresh blood. We hope that your growth is like the three realms of the tea ceremony: "guarding, breaking, and leaving", constantly achieving breakthroughs and keeping up with the times:

Firstly, consolidate the foundation, start learning, do a good job in the first stage, steadily "guard!", and solidly study various technical theories and practices;

The second is the ability to adapt to circumstances, break through oneself, complete the second stage, achieve "breaking!", and complete independent work from a higher stage;

The third is to carry on the past and open up the future, showcase one's own style, enter the third stage, reach the goal of "leaving!", and showcase oneself on a higher platform to realize one's own value;

I hope the new people present can learn from each other, communicate with each other, and make progress together!

Subsequently, according to the process of this training meeting, the trainees were introduced to topics such as the development of the joint venture company and the basic situation of the parent company, safety education at the factory, administrative personnel system, OA system operation, power generation system principle, garbage treatment, solid and hazardous waste treatment, kitchen and fly ash treatment, etc., which provided employees with a preliminary understanding and understanding of the industries involved in the company.

Company related business and knowledge training

In order to help graduates establish a correct sense of safety, avoid unexpected risks, and enhance their professional literacy, we also invited Cao Yingsheng, the attending physician of Conch Hospital, to provide training and explanations on common accident emergency handling, self rescue opinions, and emergency methods. The teaching teachers carefully prepared, the trainees carefully recorded, and actively interacted with the training teachers. The overall training atmosphere was cheerful and the results were good.

Cao Yingsheng, the attending physician of Conch Hospital, provides training on self rescue and first aid methods for common accidents

Emergency response demonstration and on-site teaching

To deepen the intuitive understanding of the actual work of Haichuan Company among new employees and enhance the effectiveness of theoretical training, from July 11th to 14th, the company organized groups of new employees to visit and learn on-site at the Wuwei Haichuang Waste Power Generation Project, Zongyang Haichuang Waste Power Generation Project, and Baimashan Cement Project.

field trip

Verification of training effectiveness

Every training is growth, and every training is transformation. This centralized training provides a platform for new employees to learn and develop. After the centralized training is completed, job training will continue according to the training plan. I believe they can bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and work hard in their future work, with diligence as their wing and pursuing their dreams of youth!