ACK and CKM were Selected as Top 100 Industrial Enterprises in Wuhu

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In the afternoon of June 23, 2014, the Wuhu Entrepreneur conference, jointly organized by Wuhu Enterprise Association and Wuhu Statistical Society, was held in Qiaohong Hotel. More than 300 people attended the conference, including Mr. Gao Dengbang as Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Director of the Municipal People's Congress, principal responsible comrades of municipal organs of municipal governments, counties and districts, and representatives of entrepreneurs in the city.

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To fully implement the spirit of the Third Plenary Session of the 18th Central Committee of the CPC, accelerate the transformation and promote the transformation of the mode of economic development. Wuhu Enterprise Association and Wuhu Statistical Society evaluated the industrial enterprises above designated size, commercial enterprises above designated size and construction industry following the international standards and using the annual statistical reports of industrial enterprises, commercial enterprises and construction industry in 2013 and other data. ACK and CKM ranked 29th and 32nd in the list of top 100 industries respectively.

The business line of ACK involves many aspects, such as WHR in cement plant, WHR in steel plant, municipal soiled waste disposal via cement kiln, WtE, sewage sludge treatment, cement plant, etc. So far, 206 sets of WHR plants have been contracted with installed capacity 2355 MW, involving 60 cement enterprise groups and 287 clinker production lines at home and abroad, with an annual power generation of about 17.9 billion kWh. Two projects of municipal solid waste disposal via cement kiln have been completed in Tongling and Guiding, and many projects such as Pingliang in Gansu, Zhongxian in Chongqing, Zunyi in Guizhou, Qingzhen in Guiyang and Yangchun in Guangdong are also under construction.

The products of CKM mainly include high-efficiency and energy-saving vertical roller mill, waste heat recovery boiler, waste incineration stoker, sewage treatment and other energy-saving and environmental protection equipment. Up to now, 94 high-efficiency and energy-saving vertical roller mills have been sold, of which 66 have been put into operation. The boiler manufactured by CKM has also been widely used in many industries and fields such as cement, steel and captive power plants.