Haichuan Engineering Successfully Holds the 2023 Mid term Work Symposium

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In order to conscientiously implement the spirit of the 2023 mid-term work conference of Conch Entrepreneurship, comprehensively review and summarize the company's work in the first half of the year, discuss the business management goals and work priorities in the second half of the year, on the afternoon of July 26th, Haichuan Engineering held a mid-term work special seminar, attended by Executive Vice General Manager Li Chaohui, General Manager Assistant Zhao Mihan, and middle-level management personnel from various departments.

Interim Work Conference of Haichuan Engineering

Executive Vice General Manager Li Chaohui conveyed the spirit of the 2023 mid-term work meeting of Conch Entrepreneurship, focusing on the important speech instructions of Chairman Guo and the content of the mid-term work report of General Ji. At the same time, he conducted discussions on the issues revealed during the mid-term inspection of the project company.

Each department has reported on the key issues, work plans, and management ideas that need to be addressed in the second half of the year based on the problems identified during the mid-term inspection.

Work report of each department

General Manager Assistant Zhao Mihan makes comments

General Manager Assistant Zhao Mihan has proposed work requirements for the second half of the year based on her responsibilities:

Since the beginning of this year, due to the complex and severe economic situation and the narrowing of the national subsidy policy channel for waste power generation, Conch Cement and Haichuang Group have also been looking for other business expansion extensions. In the second half of the year, the company will work with experts from Kawasaki Heavy Industry to carry out system operation optimization and prepare technical reserves for the expansion of subsequent standardized series projects to address the problems that arise in the commissioning and trial production of the stepped parallel flow furnace (STP furnace); Start the experiment of biomass belt dryer, collect experimental data, improve calculation models, and combine with the actual situation of the project site to do a good job in the research and design of belt dryer.

Executive Vice General Manager Li Chaohui proposed management requirements

After listening to the work reports of various departments, Executive Vice General Manager Li Chaohui deployed the next steps of work:

One is to focus on expanding external market development. The sales department should strengthen information collection, sort out potential projects and key customers, expand the business promotion of segmented businesses, and the design department should fully cooperate in the preparation of technical solutions and technical negotiations, guided by the actual needs of customers, and strive to provide customized and cost-effective solutions for customers;

The second is to focus on rectification, prioritize quality, and promote management. The procurement department and quality department should combine the equipment problems found in the mid-term inspection of various project companies of Haichuang Green Energy, optimize equipment manufacturing rectification, increase quality inspection and management supervision, and timely adjust procurement personnel to participate in inspections and interact with each other for equipment with high project concentration, in order to fully ensure the supply of equipment for ongoing projects;

The third is to increase safety management, improve the safety management system, clarify safety operation procedures, especially for outsourced work units, and strictly implement the safety responsibility system and reward and punishment measures. At the same time, it is necessary to increase employee safety training and education, actively carry out certification management for project managers, safety, civil engineering, structural and other professionals, ensure enterprise safety production, and eliminate risky operations;

Fourth, increase the training and cultivation of personnel teams, conduct annual performance benchmarking and assessment of personnel at all levels, and improve the implementation of the survival of the fittest and incentive mechanism; Optimize the professional system and orderly supplement talent recruitment in response to new business needs; At the same time, it is necessary to increase the training and cultivation of various knowledge such as business skills, management regulations, etiquette norms, etc. for personnel at all levels, improve the comprehensive skills of employees, and enhance the professionalism and image of the enterprise;

The fifth is to ensure the fulfillment of business indicators and strictly control risks. Each department should take the annual production and operation comprehensive plan as the goal, make every effort to ensure the fulfillment of various business indicators, strictly control the occurrence of overdue accounts, and prevent internal and external risks of the company.