Captive Power Plant

Read : 2687  |  Release Time : 2021-09-29

Introduction of Captive Power Plant

Conch Kawasaki adopts a domestic mature circulating fluidized bed boiler with reliable technology, which can realize the supporting power supply of industrial enterprises in power shortage areas. Combined with the actual situation of the project location of power consuming enterprises, it can realize the requirements of various working conditions such as single power generation and co-generation, meet the needs of isolated network operation, and cooperate with the intelligent distributed control system developed by Conch. It can realize a one-button start and stop of steam turbine, with stable and reliable operation and high labor productivity, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the factory and effectively improves the operation reliability.

Technology Features

The company has a mature technical team with strong design and R&D ability. The international advanced 3D factory design software is used for design to ensure the system safety, beautiful layout, high efficiency, and accuracy of the drawing. At the same time, it can meet the requirements of Chinese national standards, American standards, Japanese standards, and other design specifications according to the needs of the project.

Up to now, Conch Kawasaki has contracted nine coal-fired power plant projects in Southeast Asian countries such as Indonesia and Myanmar, with 13 steam turbine generator units and total power output of 364MW.