Industrial Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Disposa

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Introduction of Industrial Solid Waste and Hazardous Waste Disposal System

The technology of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste disposal via cement kilns: Cement kiln can simultaneously dispose of a variety of solid (hazardous) wastes with strong adaptability, which includes general industrial solid wastes and hazardous wastes. This technology utilizes the cement kiln’s characteristics of high combustion temperature and long combustion time to use industrial waste as raw materials for cement production and turns waste into treasure. It has truly achieved no ash and slag discharge, no odor diffusion, no sewage residue and has a good solidification effect on heavy metals. It has truly realized “Reduction, Recycling, Harmlessness” and completely disposed of the secondary pollution. It is currently one of the most economical, thorough, and environmental-friendly treatment methods.

Technology Features

1、Utilizing Resources & Saving Land: For Industrial solid waste and hazardous waste disposal via cement kilns project, the project is built in the cement plant. There is no need for land expropriation and demolition. The precious land resources are saved.

2、Complete Treatment & Comprehensive Utilization: The processing temperature is high which can degrade harmful components fully and realize stable solidification of heavy metals. There is no secondary waste residue. It achieves “complete treatment & comprehensive utilization " thoroughly. The waste can be used as an alternative fuel or raw materials for cement plants to achieve full resource utilization.

3、Wide Range of Applications & Strong Treatment Capabilities: The technology can dispose of 42 out of 46 categories of hazardous waste. It has a wide range of applications and strong treatment capabilities. It can also co-process municipal sludge, contaminated soil, etc.

4、Adaptation to Local Condition & Various Treatment Methods: According to the generation of solid and hazardous wastes, various treatment measures can be taken according to the local conditions. Solid (hazardous) wastes that can be disposed of via cement kiln will be preferentially disposed of in cement kiln. In areas without cement kiln, technologies such as resource recovery and comprehensive utilization or dry distillation pyrolysis will be used.

Up to now, Conch Venture has contracted 90 sets of industrial solid waste and hazardous waste treatment projects which are distributed in 21 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) in China. The annual treatment capacity achieves 11.12 million tons. 37 projects are already put into operation with an annual treatment capacity of 4.08 million tons, among which the annual hazardous treatment capacity is 1.9 million tons.