New Start and New Journey -- Training for New Employees of ACK 2021

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To help new employees to change roles and adapt to job requirements, quickly transform from "student" to "employee", and meet the needs of the company’s new projects and development, ACK and SCKE held the training for new employees from July 5th to 9th in 2021, the comprehensive ability of new employees has been further improved.

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Opening Ceremony of the Training

The training officially began at 8:45 am on July 5, 2021. The new employees introduced themselves respectively. Through the introduction, they showed their personality, preferences, specialties, as well as their view on life and values. They also expressed their thoughts about entering the company, as well as their feelings about their future work and growth in the new and big family.

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Self-Introduction (I)

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Self-introduction (II)

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Self-introduction (III)

President Mr. Nemoto, Executive Vice President Mrs. Li Zhaohui, Vice President Mr. Hashimoto, Vice President Mr. Liu Gang, President Assistant Mr. Kamazawa, and leaders of relevant departments attended the meeting.

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Mr. Kamazawa, President Assistant

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Mr. Liu Gang, Vice President

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Mr. Hashimoto, Vice President

The leaders put forward requirements and ardent hopes for the training of new employees. President Assistant Mr. Kamazawa said, “I would like to welcome all new employees to join us. now the company has many environmental protection projects and tight tasks. I hope you could have a spirit of challenge in your daily work and not be afraid of failure. Failure is the mother of success. You should aim to achieve your goals, explore new methods and make progress in your daily work.”

Vice President Mr. Liu Gang expressed, “Some of you joined the company last year and some joined this year. I hope you can learn from each other, especially those who have already worked in the company for one year, shall give more guidance and support to the new members. Ack is an engineering company, we work together on the project, so teamwork and communication are very important. I hope you can learn well from your masters and colleagues, and work together to create more achievements for the company.”

Vice President Mr. Hashimoto said, “Congratulations on entering the Conch Kawasaki family. ACK and SCKE are running in integral mode. Now both companies have developed rapidly many projects and heavy workloads, I hope you can complete the work perfectly and contribute to the development of the company.”

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Mrs. Li Zhaohui, Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President Mrs. Li Zhaohui put forward earnest hopes to new employees from three aspects: “Firstly, I hope you can complete the identity transformation and jump into the work as soon as possible. The six months training and probation period is not only the time for everyone to change from students to social people but also the process for everyone to complete their cognition. You have chosen the Conch Venture Group, I hope you can stick to your choice, work, and adapt with your heart. Secondly, do a good job in career planning and realize the combination of personal growth and company development. You have just graduated and the career is very long. You should face all kinds of work peacefully in the daily work. With different work aspects, everyone's work content is also different, but whether the work content is simple, repetitive, or a new challenge every day, I hope everyone can treat it with a positive attitude. At the same time, you should grow along with the company, and think about how to better adapt to the company and society. Companies and individuals support each other. Only by being hard-working and thinking wisely, can the company give better feedback to individuals. Thirdly, strengthen communication and think deeply. Work shall not be alone, any problems you are facing during the work shall be communicated with colleagues, department leaders and company leaders in time. Good opinions, suggestions and brainstorms can be fed back in time, the company will think and study with a more open and inclusive attitude. Only when we all open minds can be more conducive to the development of the company and all employees.”

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Mr. Nemoto, President

President Mr. Nemoto summarized, “Welcomed everyone. From the initial cement waste heat recovery power generation business to the vigorous businesses of energy-saving and environmental protection, the growth of the company has been accompanied by development and transformation. Now the world is facing problems such as new energy development, many domestic enterprises have begun the research work on areas such as carbon emission reduction, carbon neutralization and so on. The company may also continue to research environmental protection in the future. I hope you can strengthen your study and keep pace with the times.” Mr. Nemoto continued, “You are new employees, except the training of this time, you also have a six months’ probation period. During the probation period, I hope that you can settle down, learn from your masters and colleagues, strengthen communication, and discuss the good and new views with your masters after you have accumulated knowledge and experience to a certain level.” Mr. Nemoto stressed, “The company is a group, the individual ability is important, but team cooperation is more important. I hoped that while improving your abilities, everyone would strengthen team cooperation and work together to make the company even better.”

Then, according to the training schedule, the trainees were introduced to the business development of the companies, factory safety education, waste heat recovery power generation technology, waste to energy technology, solid waste and hazardous waste treatment technology, project management, general financial management and general company management. The new employees had a brief understanding of the product, business and daily management of the company.

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Training of the Business and Daily Management

To help new employees get into work quickly, the company invited Deng Kefeng, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Department of Conch Venture and Mr. Shan Chunguang, Audit Department of Conch Venture, to give lectures on career planning, employment requirements, building personnel competitiveness, matters needing attention in bidding and contract signing; Also, Mr. Cao Yingsheng, the attending physician of Conch Hospital, and Ms. Wu Juan, the manager of the Conch Conference Center, were invited to give training and explanation on common accident emergency treatment and business etiquette. The lecturer's teaching content is rich and vivid. The trainees study carefully and discuss with the training teachers from time to time. The training atmosphere is cheerful and the training effect is good.

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Mr. Deng Kefeng, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources Department of Conch Venture

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Mr. Shan Chunguang, Audit Department of Conch Venture

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Mr. Cao Yingsheng, Attending Physician of Conch Hospital

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Emergency Treatment Demonstration

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Ms. Wu Juan, Manager of Conch Conference Center

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Etiquette Demonstration

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Site Visit

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Training Test

This training provides learning and development guidance to new employees, and the following on-the-job training will instruct them to get familiar with daily works. It is hoped that all new employees can have the teamwork spirit, have the responsibility, work hard and be creative in their future works, and truly contribute to the development of the company.